If I Were the IRO…

The rainy season has officially begun, but things are hotter than ever here in Sweet T&T, where the volume of disturbing issues to be addressed threatens to bury our activists under a mountain of pure WTF IS HAPPENING HERE?

The latest bit of insanity to emerge comes courtesy of the Inter-Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (IRO), which, apropos of nothing, inexplicably decided to go public in support of child marriage.

You read that right, Coolio. (via giphy.com)

Since that mind-boggling (and deeply disturbing) revelation, a number of religious organizations have pulled themselves out of the fire by assuring the public that they don’t actually agree that child marriage is the remedy for divorce, youth suicide rates and crime in general. However, because this is the land of the wrong and the strong, the IRO has responded to the exodus by doubling-down with a media tour where they revealed such gems as “rape doesn’t count if you’re married” and “age ain’t nothing but a number”

Considering how much they seem to have in common with Kels, I bet he'd even let them use that last one royalty-free. (via giphy.com)

As a thinking and empathetic citizen of this country, I’m obviously horrified that  – in the year of our Lord, 2016 – we need to debate whether it should be legal for children to be married. As a person with public relations experience, I can’t help but cringe as I watch (and listen to) an organization that claims to represent the interests of a large segment of the public humiliate themselves (and, by extension, their respective religions).

In the interest of sparing this country any further humiliation and sparing myself from having to listen to more insane attempts to justify the unjustifiable, I’m offering my services free of charge. Call it a bit of Christian charity.

If the IRO is to have any hope of salvaging itself before the sensible citizens of this nation logic it into oblivion, it needs to completely abandon this archaic and alarming stance immediately.

Here’s how the statement announcing their reversal could go:

After careful reflection and consideration, we have reconsidered our original position.

In our zeal to protect our religious liberties, we displayed a callous disregard for the gravity of the matter at hand. We also misrepresented the tenets of the faiths we represent and, in so doing, have called into question the moral standing of those faiths.

For all of this, we offer our unreserved apologies and a vow to do better. We recognize the importance of safeguarding every child from exploitation and to that end, we support any changes to the existing Marriage Act that will protect the children of this nation from sexual abuse.

Moving forward, we will be opening up our membership to all faiths of this great nation with the aim of adjusting our balance to reflect the religious proportions of the population.

We thank you for your feedback and for your patience as we work towards accurately representing the religious views of this progressive nation.

There ya go. Free and clear. They can use it word-for-word or feel free to edit as needed (like, perhaps, adding a paragraph about requesting the resignations of those who fanned the flames of division and displayed a disturbing unwillingness to consider differing viewpoints…).

Or, you know, they can keep heading down the road they’ve been traveling as their membership abandons ship one by one. The insanity they’ve been inflicting on the population will end one way or the other.

(via giphy.com)


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