Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 2

The Universe is an unbelievably ironic place.

Just an hour after a friend shared my most recent blog post about the Trini compulsion to derail meaningful conversations with idiocy, the Universe saw fit to deliver an example of my thesis right into the comment thread. Ever grateful for gifts from the great beyond, I took this as a sign that we had found our second inductee for the Dotish Hall of Fame.

I’ve redacted this individual’s name to spare her from any more pointing and laughing (we did lots of that in the thread) and because she maintained her decorum, unlike our first inductee. So, we’ll call her Patty the Pedant.

Now, I don’t know Patty, so I don’t know what would possess her to do what she did. Surely, had she actually read the post, she might have recognized the trap into which she was plowing headfirst. So I can only assume that she didn’t read it, but – after seeing the image accompanying the post – was so excited by the chance to show off her Google and screenshot skills that she couldn’t spare the time to skim it.

Which is how we got this beautiful piece of ultra-irony:

For this performance, Patty wins gold.



Particularly because this is what you get when you Google “dotish”:

Even Oxford and Merriam-Webster know it’s a word. (Thanks for the heads up, Ria!)

I give Patty credit for recognizing when she was out of her depth. I have high hopes that next time, she’ll fail to live up to the stereotype of Trinis who don’t read and skip the national mental gymnastics tryouts while she’s at it.

Surely, she won’t stumble unsummoned into one of our threads with irrelevant screenshots once again. Either way, I’m sure it won’t be long before we have yet another inductee into the Dotish Hall of Fame.



2 thoughts on “Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 2

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