Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 3

My people. My Trinbagonian people. Can I talk to you for a second?

Can I — Come sit by me. Scoot in close like we’s famalee.

Here’s the thing. I want to believe that most of us are sensible people. We have a basic understanding of right and wrong. We have enough common sense to get ourselves out of bed and off to work without forgetting to breathe on the way. We’re not so bad, right?

Seon Paul - Guardian
Nine-year-old Cyon Paul. Gunned down in cold blood. THIS is the photo the Guardian chose to use. I wonder how the Express managed to find a different one. [via Trinidad Guardian, obvs]
So why, why, am I here again in the Dotish Hall of Fame so soon? I mean, can’t a girl get a chance to write a proper blog post about the nerve of those who are publicly expressing disappointment with our Olympians while disregarding the fact that they receive precious little support prior to arriving at the Olympics? Or maybe I wanted to pen a little missive to the TTOC asking if Clause 13 will be activated before Brexit. Or, hey, what about the photo the Trinidad Guardian chose to run alongside a story of a murdered nine-year-old?

But NOOOOOOO. Here I am. Because, when a friend (who bravely keeps her posts about the state of local society public) decided to call the Guardian out on this poor editorial choice, not only did ONE person arrive to derail the matter by implying that the pic chosen was the only one all local media houses received, but another person appeared to derail the already derailed thread even further.
You’ll notice that, unlike our second inductee, the identity of this individual has not been concealed. Also of note is how long we toyed with this particular individual. That’s because, on top of being dotish, she was disrespectful. Additionally, she had the nerve to be this disrespectful on someone else’s public post.

So, meet Marissa-sue. She’s not just a mental gymnast, she’s a super mental gymnast, with a cape and everything. You see, Marissa-sue didn’t just stumble onto the thread spouting nonsense. She stumbled in spouting nonsense in defense of someone who had already realized he was derailing the thread and left, EIGHT HOURS prior.

Marissa-sue, ladies and gentlemen:


If you made it through all of that, you’re a champ. If anything Marissa-sue had to say made sense to you, I’m torn between asking for a translation and being really worried about you. Because this is more than gold-medal nonsense. It’s platinum-coated BS. From someone who saw an entire thread questioning why a major national media house would choose to blow the tired, old “black thug” dog-whistle while reporting the news that a nine-year-old was killed in cold blood and decided it was more important to resurrect a dead derailed thread. Because the real victim here is a dude who also missed the point.

And, you know what? Given that this post appeared in that same thread:

Richard Lutchman

…I feel like Marissa-sue’s brand of nonsense is less excusable than usual. I also wonder about the kind of country which would produce people who are more interested in defending nonsensical derailments and/or chastising grieving parents than condemning the media working to dehumanize victims.

What kind of country is this?


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