Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 3

My people. My Trinbagonian people. Can I talk to you for a second?

Can I — Come sit by me. Scoot in close like we’s famalee.

Here’s the thing. I want to believe that most of us are sensible people. We have a basic understanding of right and wrong. We have enough common sense to get ourselves out of bed and off to work without forgetting to breathe on the way. We’re not so bad, right?

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Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 2

The Universe is an unbelievably ironic place.

Just an hour after a friend shared my most recent blog post about the Trini compulsion to derail meaningful conversations with idiocy, the Universe saw fit to deliver an example of my thesis right into the comment thread. Ever grateful for gifts from the great beyond, I took this as a sign that we had found our second inductee for the Dotish Hall of Fame. Continue reading “Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 2”

Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 1

But if you do it right… [IMG:]
In the pursuit of common sense, one often encounters those for whom the ideas of logic and rationality are not just foreign but hostile concepts. These individuals will vehemently reject any attempt to discuss a subject in a manner that makes the slightest bit of sense while simultaneously refusing to take their completely nonsensical ideas back to the bizarre lands from whence they came. It almost goes without saying that these individuals, like wild Pokemon, ALWAYS appear without warning and are distressingly plentiful  in Sweet T&T.

On the bright side, they are LOTS of fun to interact with, if you only remember to never ever take them seriously. After our last encounter with such an individual, my friends and I decided it would be a shame to let these priceless exchanges disappear into the ether without commemoration. And so, I present to you, the very first edition of what I’m tentatively calling the Dotish Hall of Fame. Continue reading “Dotish Hall of Fame Pt. 1”