The Cost of Silence


There’s a latin saying that goes: “Qui tacet consentire videtur”, meaning “He who is silent is taken to agree”. Nowhere is that truer than here in sweet T&T, where we have made a national pastime out of remaining silent about all manner of inequity and thereby empowering those bold enough to take that silence as consent. Continue reading “The Cost of Silence”


If I Were the IRO…

The rainy season has officially begun, but things are hotter than ever here in Sweet T&T, where the volume of disturbing issues to be addressed threatens to bury our activists under a mountain of pure WTF IS HAPPENING HERE?

The latest bit of insanity to emerge comes courtesy of the Inter-Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (IRO), which, apropos of nothing, inexplicably decided to go public in support of child marriage.

You read that right, Coolio. (via

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The Life and Times of the TTGF

We’re creeping up on a month since the day the T&T Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) decided to turn this country’s first-ever Olympics qualifier in that sport into a total international fiasco. Naturally, despite all the evidence to the contrary, there are those working overtime to either dismiss or excuse the situation, often with the help of rampant misinformation. Of course, the sheer volume of madness that has occurred over the past four weeks isn’t helping to clarify things.

Maybe it would be a good idea to take a stroll down memory lane (with lots of help from, which has been running the most comprehensive coverage of the bacchanal from day one).

Shall we?

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You are NOT the Gymnast

It’s been less than two weeks since the T&T Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) bafflingly decided to strip Thema Williams of the duly-earned privilege of representing her country at the gymnastics Olympics qualifiers. In that time, a surprising number of Trinbagonians have rallied to protest the obvious injustice, indicating that T&T might finally be maturing just enough to begin rooting out the endemic corruption stifling the country. In fact, a core group of citizens (referring to themselves as the Incensed and Right Thinking Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago) have led the charge in the public arena, releasing statements, giving interviews and working tirelessly to get answers to the nation’s questions about this debacle.

Of course, not everyone feels quite the same way about the matter, which is why some very curious defenses of the TTGF’s actions have emerged. As I believe in the importance of free discourse on any and all matters, I’ve decided to address them here with all the seriousness they deserve: the Maury test.1357o8

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T&T: Going for Gold (in BS)

So, if had a spare moment to check your Facebook newsfeed today, you might have heard that the TTGF surprised absolutely no one by pulling an eleventh hour reversal to once again deny Thema Williams the opportunity she rightfully earned to represent T&T in the Rio Olympics. Obvs, Marisa Dick (who originally failed to qualify for the spot under the TTGF’s own requirements but has somehow remained in contention) is now going in her place.

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Mental Gymnastics

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts (or even just a few of my tweets) you probably have a pretty clear idea of where I stand on the matter of gender politics.

My stance (about which I’m not remotely shy) has earned me all sorts of supposedly derogatory names, from SJW to lesbian to – yes – the dreaded F word:

Untitled design
Oh shit, I forgot to tag this post NSFW.

The one thing I’ve never been accused of being, however, is sympathetic to abusers. Never, that is, until a recent Saturday morning, when I encountered someone so determined to avoid addressing patriarchy’s widespread detrimental effects that she (yes, SHE) somehow interpreted my suggestion (that we stop teaching men that anger is the only appropriate emotion to feel and holding women responsible for what others do to them) as an effort to excuse men who abuse women. Continue reading “Mental Gymnastics”

Lenten Lacaray

It would seem that T&T has decided to forgo decorum for Lent 2016.

This… is not what I expected [IMG:]
In the past three weeks, we’ve seen an epic amount of shenanigans, including, but not limited to:

  • Sexist remarks from the mayor of our capital city  (who then made a painful and lingering exit rivaling that of Romeo and Juliet, for whom parting was infamously sweet sorrow).
  • domestic abuse case blown wide open on the internet, which somehow ended up leading to the arrest of a populist hero, who has since been caught red-handed lying about his innocence. Worst of all, he ultimately managed to overshadow the aforementioned brutal domestic abuse case with his antics.
  • The sudden appearance of topless photos of, not one, but TWO of our local gymnasts who, coincidentally, are currently vying for the right to represent T&T at the Rio Olympics (which, according to the metrics originally set by the local governing body, one of them has already won).

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