Get it Together, T&T

I hate that I have to blog about this matter for a third consecutive day, but something has come to my attention that is so absurd it would almost be funny… if it wasn’t so screwed up:

I hear that some critics of Mayor Raymond Tim Kee are so upset about his comments that they’ve resorted to dragging his children into the matter. His children.

Seriously, I need a moment to process this. [IMG:]
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Carnival Bacchanal

I posted that tweet at 12:15 this morning after scrolling through yet another thread of sanctimonious Trinbagonians eager to condemn women (it’s almost always women) for daring to bare their flesh during an annual national festival that has long been associated with that very thing.

Imagine my surprise (but not really) when I awoke hours later to the news that the Mayor of Port of Spain responded to questions about the death of a masquerader by referencing an earlier statement about the “vulgarity and lewdness” of some women during the Carnival season. Continue reading “Carnival Bacchanal”