Mental Gymnastics

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts (or even just a few of my tweets) you probably have a pretty clear idea of where I stand on the matter of gender politics.

My stance (about which I’m not remotely shy) has earned me all sorts of supposedly derogatory names, from SJW to lesbian to – yes – the dreaded F word:

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Oh shit, I forgot to tag this post NSFW.

The one thing I’ve never been accused of being, however, is sympathetic to abusers. Never, that is, until a recent Saturday morning, when I encountered someone so determined to avoid addressing patriarchy’s widespread detrimental effects that she (yes, SHE) somehow interpreted my suggestion (that we stop teaching men that anger is the only appropriate emotion to feel and holding women responsible for what others do to them) as an effort to excuse men who abuse women. Continue reading “Mental Gymnastics”